Adrian Buzatu, experimental particle physicist at Collider Detector at Fermilab
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For the last ten years I have been actively involved in experimental particle physics research, physics teaching and science outreach. In my research I develop and use software to analyze big data sets for the large international teams of CDF in US and CERN in Switzerland, to search for the famous Higgs boson elementary particle. Its discovery in 2012 resulted in a physics Nobel prize in 2013.

I am also fond of teaching, especially programming for science (C++, ROOT), and how to create great presentation and reports in science (my mentor being Jean-luc Doumont).

I am actively engaged in science outreach and communication. Among others, I write articles, visit schools, mentor events, give public talks, the latest being the TEDx at the University of Glasgow.

Detailed information are presented in my extended Curriculum Vitae and Publication List .

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